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Career Guidance by DR. ALI KHWAJA in Deccan Herald

Dear Rohith,

Wish there was a magic wand that could make you a CEO.  In my experience there is no substitute for clear goal setting after identifying your core competencies, enhancing your skills and qualifications at every stage, gaining the right experience, making useful contacts, being patient and persistent, learning how to face hurdles and setbacks, and enjoying the journey as you rise higher and gain success. CEO is not a destination, it is a designation. A CEO of a small company may have less significance than a Manager of a large one – and who decides what is a “big” company? If you believe in yourself, maintain your values and ethics, build team spirit and leadership capabilities, you will find tremendous job satisfaction, harmonious work environment, joy of learning new things, and get continuous rewards and progress. The joy of life lies in the journey not in the destination.

Dear Student,

Do not set your goals based on marks. Resolve to improve your English, become more proficient and develop communication skills. Start speaking as far as possible in English, read good literature and reputed newspapers on a regular basis, and start writing something creative every day. See if you can find a person who is very good in English, who is willing to read what you have written and suggest improvements and point out corrections. Secondly, practice answering the questions that you will find in your exams in 9th standard, and again get feedback from a teacher or knowledgeable person about your performance. Read your text books critically to understand, comprehend and analyse, not just to remember and reproduce. This way not only your marks will improve, you will also gain command over the language which will be useful throughout your life.

Dear Abhinav,

A Chartered Accountant primarily deals with numbers, and needs to have long attention span, quick at calculations, an eye for detail, and ability to sit for long hours evaluating balance sheets. A banker (international or otherwise) also needs to be good with numbers, but with greater emphasis on people-interactions, ability to analyse and interpret data, do projections, and understand credit-worthiness of clients. People and communication skills are very important, and also the ability to deal with different situations, cultures and ways of work-life. You can appear for the Foundation exam of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as soon as you complete your PUC, and if you clear it in the first attempt, you know that you are a CA material. At the undergraduate level you can study BCom and get a good hold on accounting, banking, and other commerce subjects, and then aim for a good college to study your masters in International Banking.

Founder's Note


Chairman of Banjara Academy, Counsellor, Columnist

Principal faculty, Life skills coach and perpetual student

When we look back on a lifetime’s work and experiences, what really matters is how much we enjoyed (and contributed) to the journey, and not the destination that we have reached. Since childhood I was fascinated with human beings (often animal beings too) and their behavior.
Wanting to contribute my mite towards welfare of individuals, I sought out ways and means to reach out and enrich quality of life through empowerment, and not by charity. It is a joy to see how Banjara and Banjarites have flourished in the past over four decades and have made a mark in the world of human behaviour and counselling, and I look forward always to include more and more people into the ever growing Banjara family.

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