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•Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS)
•International Program in Counseling and guidance (IPCG)
•Certificate in Child and Adolescent Development (CCAD)
•International Certificate in Life Skills (ICLS)
•Post Graduate Diploma in psychotherapies
•Certificate in Presentation and Communication Skills

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- One Year Diploma in Counseling Skills DCS23 Classroom (Admissions Close Shortly!)
- One year self-paced International Program of Counseling and Guidance (For Students outside Bangalore)

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“Admissions open for International Program in Child and Adolescent Development (IPCAD). Inaugural class on 15th October 2022.”

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IPCAD is designed to suit even those who do not have prior theoretical knowledge of psychology. If you are fascinated by children, you will get ample opportunity to dive deeper into understanding of children’s emotions and behaviour!

The course is simple and at a very practical level and helps you to understand children. We do not have textbooks or syllabus. We will mail you short notes & videos  which are easy to understand and comprehend. IPCAD helps you to become more self-aware and identify your hidden potential. You can certainly use IPCAD as a means of communicating and understanding children as well as to kick start your second innings in a new and meaningful field like this.

It’s a practical hands-on course. You will be getting some assignments where in you would be interacting and understand children. As long as you are able to understand and reflect the child’s feelings and emotions, you will be able to go through the course without any difficulty. You will also have a  mentor in understanding your learnings.

IPCAD can be managed along with your existing career to start with. If you have interest and passion for understanding children and making a difference in their lives you can do this simultaneously which can be  immensely satisfying.

When you work your inner child, and healing yourself you are able to help  better as you experience the change in yourself. Simultaneously, helping others also makes you a better person and expands your perception on various aspects of life. In fact, you may be more effective in some ways because you will be able to empathize with children who are facing trauma.  Also, counselling at the Academy is free and you can meet up, call, or send an email and discuss with any one of us who you feel comfortable with.

Yes, if you are a caring and sensitive human being and have keen interest in children then after detailed discussion, we will guide you how to adapt yourself to the program.  Educational qualifications do not determine your eligibility to the course.

We have consciously kept away from any affiliation or recognition, though we were offered affiliations to reputed institutions. All our courses have been designed without exams and tests, hence that gives you ease of learning with any pressure of completing portions or being worried about exams, grades or marks.

We are members with fully voting rights of the World Federation for Mental Health, USA.

Absolutely you can. We believe that children are the future it is better to  have joyful children who grow up to be happy adults rather than broken men.

Yes, off course!  Age and experience matters.

Has we sent the videos you can view them anywhere and anytime. Weekly once a lesson is uploaded on our LMS through the website. Notes too will be sent to you and you can download the notes for your future reference.

You will have a weekly group mentoring session with a highly experienced mentor. There will be discussions in these groups and getting others perspective. Mentors will be allotted to you once you enrol.

Anyone who is passionate about children. If you have a keen interest in their behaviour   and you genuinely want to understand them. Giving them an environment where they can express themselves freely and explore their potential, and making a difference in every child’s life you come across. You are eligible for this course.

Founder's Note


Chairman of Banjara Academy, Counsellor, Columnist

Principal faculty, Life skills coach and perpetual student

When we look back on a lifetime’s work and experiences, what really matters is how much we enjoyed (and contributed) to the journey, and not the destination that we have reached. Since childhood I was fascinated with human beings (often animal beings too) and their behavior.
Wanting to contribute my mite towards welfare of individuals, I sought out ways and means to reach out and enrich quality of life through empowerment, and not by charity. It is a joy to see how Banjara and Banjarites have flourished in the past over four decades and have made a mark in the world of human behaviour and counselling, and I look forward always to include more and more people into the ever growing Banjara family.

5Decades Of Experience
4500Certified as Counselors
100Books and Booklets
1Million Families' Lives Touched

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IPCAD is a practical and experiential program to build skills for holistic upbringing of children from pregnancy till adolescence. It includes regular group-mentoring sessions.


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