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Career Guidance by DR. ALI KHWAJA in Deccan Herald

Dear Suraj,

If you had started preparing in advance, you could have appeared for the NDA Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for entry into the National Defence Academy this year. It is too late to start now, since it requires extensive and varied preparation. However, you can now take up either engineering or any other degree course of your choice and prepare for the Combined Defence Services Exam (CDSE) held by UPSC for graduates. If you take up engineering, you can also appear in the final year for the Technical Graduate Course (TGC) entry exam. Simultaneously you need to build up on your physical fitness, general knowledge and communication skills. For more information, log on to

Dear Smrithi,

Taking up a management seat for higher studies is a decision you need to take along with your parents based on your financial capabilities. If your parents are comfortable with the amount of fees required then you can go ahead so that you do not lose a year, and after qualifying you can start earning and repay your parents. Both Oral Surgery and Endodontics are very promising fields, and if your kinaesthetic skills are good, you will be able to carve out a rewarding future for yourself.

Dear Aditya,

If you opt for any field in which you are very proficient and outstanding, you can select jobs that involve travel. However, work in marketing, sales, business development, franchising, customer support generally offer more travel opportunities. Decide which of these suits you best and which you will enjoy and be efficient in, and then take up a management course (MBA or PGDM) to qualify yourself – after which you can apply for suitable jobs.

Dear Shubham,

Do not get disheartened or nervous with temporary setbacks like the current pandemic. In a career spanning 40-50 years, there will be many such challenges and you should proceed with determination in the direction you have selected with careful evaluation. Government and Public Sector Units exams will start soon, it is just a matter of time. You can consider taking up a temporary job that will further sharpen your skills (but ensure that your job leaves you with enough time to prepare for exams) if you are keen on having the security of a government job, taking into account that promotions may be slower and based more on seniority than your abilities. If, however, you are very good in your technical field, and want to go deeper into it, and take up the challenges that will come with private jobs, you can opt for it and your progress will be based on your capabilities and how much you can keep upgrading yourself on a continuous basis.

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Chairman of Banjara Academy, Counsellor, Columnist

Principal faculty, Life skills coach and perpetual student

When we look back on a lifetime’s work and experiences, what really matters is how much we enjoyed (and contributed) to the journey, and not the destination that we have reached. Since childhood I was fascinated with human beings (often animal beings too) and their behavior.
Wanting to contribute my mite towards welfare of individuals, I sought out ways and means to reach out and enrich quality of life through empowerment, and not by charity. It is a joy to see how Banjara and Banjarites have flourished in the past over four decades and have made a mark in the world of human behaviour and counselling, and I look forward always to include more and more people into the ever growing Banjara family.

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