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Interview given by Dr Ali on Career x264

Banjara Academy offers Free Career Counselling and our team can help you to make informed decisions.

While competition is increasing, opportunities and variety of careers are also increasing rapidly. There is no such thing as an “ideal” career with the best “scope.” If you choose your courses of study and your career based on what you are good at, you will always be successful.
It is not just a job. It is a way of life, and your achievements and happiness depend on it. Today, innumerable new avenues have opened up. Do not get into a course or a job just because everyone else is rushing for it.
Very often we are pushed into jobs and careers which are not suitable for us. To really be able to succeed, progress and enjoy our work, it is necessary that we should have interest in what we are doing, and also have an aptitude for it.

Aptitude is the potential to develop the skills that are required in any particular field.
Each career has different aptitude requirements, and only by matching them scientifically we can be sure that we are heading in the right direction.