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Avail Scholarship for DCS 25 now.
Admissions are happening in full Swing!!

Kindly Note: Scholarship for senior teachers with more than 15 years of experience, Helping Hand volunteers, defence personnel and social workers (to join only Team T2)

Call at 9035679801 for more details!

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Are you a sensitive and compassionate person who likes to reach out to people in need?
Do you want to be professionally trained as a Counselor?
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Here is your opportunity in the form of

One year part time Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS)

We do not look at your academic qualifications. All that you need is 4 hours of commitment in a week, and a genuine interest to help people emotionally.DCS is an interactive practical program to introspect and improve your quality of life, interpersonal relationships, and to become a competent Professional Counselor. The diploma in counselling psychology includes sufficient Internship and practical experience.Under the tutelage and personal Guidance of Dr. Ali Khwaja, you get a deeper meaning to your life by reaching out to others.


One year part time with no theory

The psychology diploma course is conducted in small batches and sufficient individual interaction is done for personal growth. Convenient batch timings to suit your requirement

Teams: Classes and group interactions are held twice a week as follows:

Team I (T1) Wed & Fridays 10:30 to 12:30

Team III (T3) Sat 3:30- 5:30, Sun 10:30- 12:30

Team IV (T4) Tue & Thu 10:30 am – 12:30pm

Team II (T2) Tue & Thu 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Our course has no Theory and No syllabus. Hence you can learn freely without pressure of exams or memorizing. Evaluation is a continuous process and our core faculty spends time with individual students for their improvement.

We have an elaborate course content which takes you through the Complete Life cycle and covers different stages of life and the practical skills to build better relationships.


Trains you to be a professional counselor


Good Job Prospects


One year part time program with no theory


Open to people from all walks of life


Reputed Guest Faculty members

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Good Job Prospects –

We are very happy and proud to announce that many of our students are well placed offering their services as Counselors. A few of the organizations are

Various Air Force & Military stations, Para-military forces, Mahila Dakshata Samiti,   Makkala Sahaya Vani,   Newspapers in Education, Nightingales Elders Enrichment, Many MNCs, BEL, HAL, Govt. of Maldives, Various reputed NGOs


Army & Air Force Schools, many Special Schools, Delhi Public School, Chrysallis High, Oakridge International, BEL School, Canadian Intl, OASIS, Sindhi, Kumarans, Kendriya Vidyalayas



Christ and Presidency Univ, M S Ramaiah, St. Josephs, Mount Carmel, Dayanand Sagar, Maharani Laxmi Ammanni College


Mclean Hospital, Boston USA, M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, People Tree Hospital, Command hospital

Open to people from all walks of life –

Our DCS batch has a wonderful assortment of students from all walks and stages in life. Few of our students who have completed the course with us are from the following Profession / Vocation

Specialist and family doctors, homeopaths, dental surgeons, ayurvedic practitioners, legal professionals, serving and retired military officers, university professors, bankers, therapists, IT professionals, Numerologists, Tarot card readers, Architects, School Teachers and Principals, Senior Govt Officials


….and of course, many from the most honorable profession: Home Makers!

Pg Diploma In Counselling Psychology

Diploma in counselling Skills

Time has come for exams, tension, anxiety …..and hopefully the end of the academic year.  Then the rush for admissions, entrance exams, confusion of which course to take.

We teach children for 12 years in school, but do not give them any skills to choose their careers.  There is a mad rush for Computer Science Engineering or medicine, and lakhs of students prepare for years and years to crack JEE or NEET, without knowing what they are in for and where it is leading them.

It is the responsibility of all of us to give inputs and familiarize students, and their parents, about which career (out of innumerable lucrative choices) is suitable for any specific child, and to resist the herd mentality.  Please make that effort…..

It is a question of their whole future, they need a little hand-holding.

Learn to Enjoy Stress - By Dr. Ali Khwaja

How often have you felt that you are stressed out the moment you think of studies and exams?  Have you ever felt like just giving up and running away somewhere?  If you have faced or are facing such situations, did you ever stop to think how and why stress accumulates in some of us, while others are carefree and whistling their way through exams and life?

There are answers to these questions.  All we need to do is to take a short break, stop getting stressed out by thinking of exams all the time, and pay attention to a few important facts.  Otherwise we will become like the over-enthusiastic boy who was so happy when he got a contract to cut trees that he just went on chopping with all his might.  He never stopped to sharpen his axe, with the result that all his efforts were in vain.  The blunt axe could not cut, and in his frustration he kept hacking harder and harder till he dropped of exhaustion and lost the contract.  Are you ready to sharpen your mental axe?

The countdown to exams has begun.  You are probably counting days now, and are getting tensed, particularly when you think of those tough and boring subjects that you have begun to hate.  No one can be good at all subjects.  There are at least eight types of intelligence: mathe-logical, linguistic, interpersonal, intra-personal, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, spatial and ecological.  Eventually you will find the right vocation that suits your intelligence, but right now you have to study all subjects from languages to technical ones.  To make the best of it, here are a few tip:

  • Start with relaxing BEFORE you sit down to study. Don’t wait till you are tired and fatigued.  The fresher your mind, the more you will be able to take in, in the least time.  Find out a method of relaxation that suits you, don’t copy what someone else is doing.  A few examples are: Long, brisk walk; Jogging, Tennis, golf, Swimming, Aerobics / dancing, Playing with child/pet, Gardening; Driving into nature, Shouting loudly and freely, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer / discourses, Talking to a friend or counselor, Listening to (or playing) music, Maintaining an informal diary, Thought-provoking books, Punching a pillow, Tearing old newspapers.  Experiment till you hit upon the right one.
  • Take periodic breaks. Never study till you are so tired that nothing is going to your head.  Only you know how long you can study before you need a break, follow your mind.  The duration may vary depending on whether you are studying an interesting or boring subject.  At the same time, keep in mind that your break should be short and relaxing, and not taking your mind away into another activity.
  • Study systematically. List out all the chapters, mark those you have trouble with, keep periodically revising or reviewing.  Don’t get bogged down into one subject the whole day.
  • Keep giving yourself periodic tests, both verbal and written. Do mock exams even at home, they will prepare you for facing the actual exam.
  • Keep track of your biological clock, when you are at peak energy, and when you are down and out. Study difficult subjects when you are feeling energetic.  For boring subjects, allot a fixed time and tell yourself that you will finish as soon as the time is over.

As your exams get nearer, do not cut down on your sleep beyond rational limits.  You can certainly do with 25-30% less sleep than average, but cutting it down to 50% or less can actually add to your strain.  Keep up your hygiene, food habits, get fresh air and clear your mind periodically.  On the day of the exam, don’t cram till the last moment.  Have a healthy meal, go early and check out the place, talk to friends or family to calm down your nerves, and then begin the exam with the clear thought – it is just an exam, it is not going to kill you.

Ali’s Notes:

Technology has advanced immensely. Schools have state-of-the-art facilities in every aspect of child requirements, and millions are spent for providing all comforts and amenities to the students. Yet a survey by Banjara showed that 95% of all children, including those in high-end schools, still carry a water bottle in addition to the already heavy bag. Is it not possible to provide purified drinking water to the students in their classrooms? If we really cared for our children, we can think of these (and many similar) small steps to make life convenient to them.
We have still not managed to reduce the size (and weight) of the school bag in today’s e-learning era. We continue to give all our attention to home work, completion of portions, innumerable tests and exams, and rote learning.
If we wish to create a better world around us as the next generation takes over, it is high time we took some initiatives.