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Camps for Children



 Youth comes but once in a life time

Life skills (fun) programs for young boys & girls, in groups below 10 and above 10 years, to improve Social skills and build self confidence.


Role plays, Storytelling, Team activities. Practical activities,

Creative project work, Talks, interaction with experts in the field…


Teambuilding, managing anger, expressing & managing emotions, communications, relationships, genuine friends, goals, dreams….

“BLOSSOMS”- a beautiful way to grow

How would it be when your child expresses feelings and communicates with clarity?

This summer… I will play, listen, talk, share stories!!! I will draw, colour, act, dance, jump and twist!!!! I will explore my strengths, attitudes and dreams!!! With Learning I have Fun and with Fun I learn!!!!!

Would you like your child to express feelings, communicate with clarity? Not be shy – develop social skills? Not be withdrawn – develop self-confidence? At Blossoms, your child will benefit by the personal interactions with our team members, the stories, the activities, the role-plays and more – all designed to help your child have an emotionally balanced future.