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Banjara Academy offers free counselling ( face-to-face, telephonic and email ) for individuals, children, adolescents, family for inter-personal, emotional and any other psychological issues. Counsellors trained by Banjara as well as specialists such as psychologists, pediatricians, special educators, etc. are available to help and support you.Please feel free to call us or just walk-in to meet with one of them. We assure you of total confidentiality.

  • Absolutely FREE Counselling – no hidden costs
  • No registration or formalities of any kind. You need not even disclose your identity
  • Straightforward and simple, heart-to-heart emotional support – the kind a good, understanding friend would give you!

For the convenience of our visitors, counselees and students, we are open on many public holidays, you are welcome to visit on those days also to avail any of our services.

Email – We also offer free online psychological counseling by email for those who are not in Bangalore. Mail to us at

R T Nagar

Banjara Academy, 418,1st main, 1st Block, R T Nagar,
Bangalore - 560032.