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Banjara’s Career Guidance through Holistic Aptitude Testing

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The most holistic, individualized assessment of your multiple intelligences, abilities, potential and specific skills – time-tested since 1992, results over 94.7% accurate!

Our Career Counselling (Career Guidance) through Aptitude Testing helps you match your talents and potentials with your interests and helps you choose appropriate careers from a wide range of choices suited to your abilities – whether you are a student wondering what course of study to pursue, whether you are working and thinking of changing your job or whether you are seeking voluntary retirement.

How our career counselling (career guidance) is done?

To help people find the right directions, time-proven and highly successful aptitude test and career counselling (career guidance) is done by Banjara Academy for students (who have completed 9th standard and above) as well as those wishing to change jobs or seek voluntary retirement. Each evaluation of the test is done personally by Dr. Ali Khwaja [B.Tech (IIT), MIE, PhD (Counselling)], eminent trainer, mentor. Dr Ali Khwaja is a regular career counselling columnist in the Deccan Herald newspaper of Bangalore.

Our written report will outline how good you are in your fields of interest, and all the possible careers you are likely to do well in. You will also get exhaustive information and guidance on how to reach your goals, with personal counselling.

All you need to do is spare about 2 to 3 hours in a relaxed mood (come between 9:30 am to 10 am), and do a battery of written and verbal tests (nothing to do with textbooks).

Process of career counselling

Career Counselling

Briefly our process of career counselling (career guidance) through aptitude testing involves the following steps:

Holistic Aptitude Assessment and Career Guidance:

We have a detailed and exhaustive Assessment procedure (not a computerized psychometric test) to give a clear picture of the most suitable careers for you, and the courses that will lead to your goals.  It is not an exam and there is no need to prepare.  It assesses the candidate holistically, including general and multiple intelligence, outstanding characteristics, social and commercial acumen, concentration and memory retention, general knowledge, motivation levels – and of course interest and inclination.  We also take into account family background, desires of the parents and financial capabilities.

The test takes half a day, and should preferably be done in our office, but is also done through email if a parent takes the responsibility to supervise at home.  The evaluation is done personally by Dr. Ali Khwaja and a comprehensive report is generated and sent to you.

The report highlights all possible careers the candidate is good in, and the career path that would be most suitable.  Once long term goals have been set, we help in identifying the courses, colleges and subjects that would be most appropriate.  This also helps in deciding the optionals, which Board of study to opt for, and how to improve study techniques.

After the one-time fee is paid, the candidate can revert back to us any number of times even in subsequent years for guidance and clarifications.

If you would like any more information or clarifications, please write to us on

or call us on  8861421666, 88617 92260