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Life skills have been internationally identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) of United Nations as the most important learning and an asset to lead a fulfilling life.

In India CBSE has made Life Skills training compulsory, and most other Boards are following it up. Engineering colleges are incorporating life skills training to ensure that students are made industry-ready; Bangalore University has made it compulsory for Arts, Science and Commerce students to study Life Skills in 4th Semester.  Many prestigious corporate and business organisations are looking for soft-skills trained candidates.

Banjara and its alumni are associated with a number of institutions to conduct Life Skills programs.

With more than 30 years of experience in counselling, training, empowering trainers and imparting life skills, Team Banjara offers this program to empower you to systematically and scientifically either learn for yourself or to guide others, i.e. adults, youngsters or children to improve their quality of life. You may also consider using this skill for a business venture.

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Our Life Skills Students


Lectures, case studies and activities through videos and notes sent to you once a week. In addition, weekly review classes through webinars will be held to clarify doubts.

The aim is to help you connect your learning to real life scenarios. No grading or marks will be allotted. Criteria for course completion will be your actual skill development.
The course has been designed through scientific methods from many years of experience of Dr. Ali Khwaja and Team Banjara.

Course Content

The program has been built on the 10 essential Life Skills propounded by World Health Organization (WHO), which are

1)Problem Solving
2)Decision Making
3)Creative Thinking
4)Critical Thinking
5)Communication  Skills
6)Interpersonal Relation
8)Self Awareness
9)Managing Emotions
10)Management  of Stress

The course has techniques and methods adapted to Indian conditions. Topics include Self esteem, Assertiveness, team building, Openness, flexibility etc, and also topics based on Value Education like Honesty, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Respect, Purpose of Life.


This program is Open to all adults who are concerned and want to understand the importance of Life Skills as an essential aspect of handling growth, challenges and smooth development.

While the program is meant for persons with an academic background up to graduation level, those with and lesser qualification are also considered on interview, if they are caring and sensitive human beings and have had sufficient exposure to life.
What you need is the right attitude to strictly follow the guidelines of the course and the Academy, and a sincere commitment to understand human beings and to guide people sincerely in terms of their future-plans and careers.

We are members with voting rights of
World Federation for Mental Health

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Data Sciences & Analytics

Since data, information and statistics available through Internet is increasing exponentially at a very rapid pace, there is going to be a need for thousands of professionals who will be able to collect, sort, analyze and project the right information required by decision makers.

Data Analytics is required by retailers, health care professionals, scientists, technologists, legal fraternity, marketing personnel, agriculture, in fact in almost every activity that we can think of. Harvard Business Review has ranked it as the biggest employment provider of the next decade.  Estimates predict over 2 lakh vacancies in India alone in the next few years.

The jobs on offer will range from Data Mining (extracting the data from various sites and portals) to Data Warehousing (like the way Storekeepers keep components in their right place and keep track of their inflow and outflow), Data Analysis  (analyzing, sorting, prioritizing the information and understanding the importance of each bit), Data Management (managing the staff in Data Analytics department) and those who are capable of using the Data to predict future trends and its proper use.

Personnel will require to be good in math, statistics, or information science, while at the higher end there is need for experts in human psychology, and those who have a vision of the future and are risk-takers. Latest software that train professionals include Hadoop, Python, Apache Spark, Julia and R.

Some large companies like TCS and WNS have formulated the curriculum to be taught to students at PG level to make them industry-ready, and are willing to provide immediate employment on fairly lucrative remuneration. Both M.Tech (for engineers) and M.Sc. programs will be offered. 75 colleges all over the country are already offering Retail Analytics as a subject in B.Com or BBA.

Functions in Data sciences include: Data classification, clustering, cleaning, mining, navigation, visualization, warehousing, decision tree, applying models.

Career in Animation

Interested in a career in animation?  Ensure that you have, or can build, creative thinking.  In any design field, a person who can explore, look outside-the-box, and do lateral thinking, becomes most successful.  Many people do not understand the concept, and only focus on their drawing skills.  Drawing is only one part of being a good animator.  Developing a mind that can generate new ideas and fascinating visuals, is more important.

What is creative thinking? 

Creative thinking is an Ability, attitude, and a process.

Believe it or not, everyone has substantial creative ability. Just look at how creative children are. In adults, creativity has too often been suppressed through education, but it is still there and can be reawakened.

Thinking out of the box: the ability to generate new ideas by combining, changing, or reapplying existing ideas. Some creative ideas are astonishing and brilliant, while others are just simple, good, practical ideas that no one seems to have thought of yet.

Often all that's needed to be creative is to make a commitment to creativity and to take the time for it.

As children we are all capable of thinking out of the box then why is it that as we grow we stop, the reasons could be any of these blocks that we put in our mind as we grow up:  “Oh no it is a problem, it can’t be done, I cant do anything about, I am not creative, that is being childish, what will people think? I might fail.”

Ali’s Notes

I belong to the era when everything was repaired, recycled, re-used till it became totally useless.

Clothes were handed down, altered to suit younger people, then cut into smaller pieces for babies or kitchen use.  Cars were used for 20-40 years with expert mechanics repairing even at your home if they do not start. Home appliances were tied with cloth or sticking tape till they stopped completely.

Today we want instant gratification in the form of replacement instead of repairing. We want Version 2.0, 3.1 or we want 4G and 5G.  We easily discard the old and move on. What happens to the old, tried and tested?  What happens to delayed gratification, and what happens to a sense of belonging to our old things?

We are risking becoming rudderless and without a mental anchor.

Republic Day came and went.  We all celebrated not only having become a Republic, but having upheld and sustained the constitution and democracy that defines India today, 75 years down the pages of history.

While we got a well-deserved holiday to celebrate and relax, I saw around me thousands of daily-wagers, auto-drivers, farm workers, pourakarmikas and street-side vendors, who had to work even on the auspicious day.  They could not afford to take an off…. but they are the ones who make our life comfortable 365 days of the year. They are the real heroes and heroines.

Whenever possible please spend a few moments reaching out to them, giving them a small gift or some sweet and a kind word of acknowledgement of their services to us.