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Manthan “Workation”

Banjara’s retreat- Open All Year Long

Workation” is the new concept of a vacation that combines business with leisure. You can now stay and work at Banjara’s “Manthan”, a six-acre stretch of greenery (located in Yelahanka) at very nominal charges for as long as you desire.

A retreat with a difference

Within half an hour’s drive from the city, off a free highway and very easily accessible, is a place where you can get away from the stresses of city life and rejuvenate your mind. It offers ethnic but very comfortable and all-inclusive facilities for you to stay, work, study, discuss and interact. You can go there with your group of colleagues, friends, students or any like-minded persons. Manthan, a six-acre stretch of greenery located in Yelahanka (outskirts of Bangalore) serves as the venue for the many activities of the Academy. Manthan is an ideal weekend getaway and available for hire! Contact our office for more details!

  • 5 dormitories with 6 beds each and general toilets for ladies/gents
  • 6 rooms with 2 beds each and attached toilets (thus totaling to 32 beds, with provision for 12 extra beds)
  • A tent that can accommodate 4 persons
  • A classroom with space to seat 50 persons
  • A covered auditorium which can seat 80 persons
  • Large open air auditorium with big stage, green rooms, can accommodate up to 400 persons
  • A dining hall for 50 persons
  • A fully functional kitchen
  • A jogging track, a badminton court, campfire, open air seating, swing, play area, lawn
  • Generator
  • Fridge
  • Aqua-guard
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • General toilet
  • Plenty of parking
  • Mosquito mesh
  • Solar water heating
  • Concrete pathways connecting all buildings
  • Completely fenced with live-in security personnel

This entire facility is available for only one group at a time, and can be booked for 24 hours at very reasonable charges much below commercial resorts(charges for food will be extra, if required) The Academy is a non-profit organization and whatever it earns goes in to the upkeep and development of the Academy. In the normal course we provide a simple bed, cotton mattress, bed-sheet, pillow and one blanket. Stone table, shelf for keeping luggage. Hot water is available through solar heating in common taps, and Aquaguard water at the dining hall.


MANTHAN Location

Opposite Delhi Public School, on fully tarred Bagalur road, behind Country Club (3 kms off NH7 to airport, 6 kms after Yelahanka).

This year has been exceptionally bad for many students in terms of exams.

Board exams for lower classes were announced, cancelled, held again, and then results have been withheld.  Those appearing for regular Board exams were told that they can appear three time to improve their scores – but many are feeling the stress of preparing and appearing multiple times for these Boards. Students have been complaining of pressure from their parents, and sometimes even teachers, to continue attempts on the hope that they will get better marks. Students who appeared for K-CET came out very distraught from the examination hall because they found many questions were not from the syllabus, and even now we are getting many phone calls of students who feel they may not score well enough to get into a good college.

The basic degree is only a stepping stone to lifelong learning & growth.  Rather than preparing only for exams, those who have a positive mindset, sharpen soft skills, and learn beyond the curriculum will succeed in the long run. They can sharpen the 10 Life Skills enunciated by United Nations, i.e.  Self-awareness Decision-making, Problem solving, creative and critical thinking, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and empathy.

Learn to Enjoy Stress - By Dr. Ali Khwaja

I can communicate to you for any of the following purposes:

  • To inform
  • To entertain
  • To educate
  • To convince
  • To motivate & inspire
  • To gain control
  • To seek emotional support or catharsis
  • To manipulate

It takes courage and a lot of will-power to go against the tide.  You have taken the first step in the direction of true learning and understanding of children by plunging into CCAD.  Now, as you continue your journey, ask yourself a basic question – what is the purpose of your communication with anyone any time, particularly with children? We have tried to make this a true learning exercise i.e. empowering you to start your journey of further enriching lives.  The effect will seep in slowly, but surely.  No miracles promised or delivered.  But the slow miracle of CCAD will come like the seed hidden below the ground sprouts one fine day, and then goes on growing …. and growing.  But do remember that you need constant practice, like the plant needs watering. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the exercises and activities your Mentor is giving you, just give it your best shot – ali

Ali’s Notes:

There are so many people who you interact with regularly, some on a daily basis.  A few we give great importance to, and many others we take for granted.

If you are a middle-class person you may be having part/full time domestic help at home. Either you are lucky to have reliable continuous employees, or perhaps you have had to change them from time to time.  Either way, how much significance have you given to them as individuals, as humans?

Their experiences, and hence their priorities in life, are so different from ours. Even when we get exasperated sometimes with their behaviour, we need to understand certain issues from their perspective.  Do take time to do that and see if you can understand them better individually.  This will help you too.

We did a survey to understand them, and I presented it on Fb Live which is available on YouTube later also if you wish to watch.