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Reach of the Banjara Academy has grown exponentially over the last 30 years. The Academy currently touches more lives than it ever did before. The fact that the number of people benefiting from our association is ever increasing and we proudly claim that as our major achievement. We have made a difference in people’s lives by drawing attention to many hitherto ignored or misunderstood aspects involving human relationships, parenting, emotions, self-acceptance, mental health, career guidance, emotional counselling and many more critical topics of life.

Team Banjara regularly conducts lectures, workshops and training programs for defence, central government, NGOs, schools, colleges, support groups, parents forums, children, purely on invitation. Our intention is to expand knowledge and practical skills of people to enrich their quality of life and to create a better world around them.  We cover all topics of human interest, a few are listed below:

Life Skills
Interpersonal Relationships
Time Management
Negotiating Skills & Conflict Management
Team Building, Leadership
Investing in People
Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management
Self development and growth
Beginning a Retired Life
Assertiveness Training & Handling Criticism
Psychological Counselling, Counselling at Workplace

Handling Depression
Self Esteem
Better Parenting
Adolescence Issues
Study Skills
Student-Teacher Relationships
Inter-religious harmony
Career Guidance & Goal setting
Matrimonial Harmony
Sex Education
Facing Exams
Suicide Prevention
Parent-Child Communication Workshop
Growth Lab for Growing Children

There is no commercial angle to our training.  We gracefully accept remuneration given voluntarily from those who can afford, which is used to subsidize our innumerable free activities and to give an honorarium to the Faculty members.  Many of the above programs are done free of cost for deserving institutions or groups.

Programs done Recently by team Banjara for various institutions on invitation:

Academy for Creative Teaching, BM School, Spotify, Hymamshu Vidya Peetha, Dots Montessori, Biswa Gouri Trust, Vaidehi Centre for Excellence, St. Vincent Palotti School, Red FM Radio, East Bangalore School, Scrum Connect