Accept emotions as tools for survival - just one of the many things your learn in our Diploma in Counselling Skills Course
" Every day it is the people around us who dictate when we get up, what we wear, what we eat, how, when, where and with whom we talk."
"Depression can be viewed as an outcome of unresolved stress.”
"Often, people will also say that they are not angry or not defensive,
when it is obvious that they are.”
Author: Asha S.
"Keep positive company, and remind yourself that feeling guilty cannot undo what
is already done – but it can definitely bring down your quality of life.”
"Why have you given up the simplicity of child-like behavior
just because “people” will call it childish?”
"Even if friends were sparse, surely it would help the housewife's
sense of fulfillment and confidence if what she is doing was more widely
viewed as a valuable contribution to society.”
"There is a continuous restlessness that you are not getting justice,
that your income is too low – hence you will not even be able to make
full use of your existing income and derive satisfaction.”
"Unfortunately many doctors generally go only by obvious symptoms, and
fail to recognize those who are not appearing to be pulled down.”
" She is such a poor role model, and therefore neither her husband nor her children
give any respect to her, or value her role in the family.”
"Most people find that when they take a risk and practice emotional honesty,
they feel closer to others and worry less about trying to maintain an image of perfection.”
"The more we had tried to nurture the relationship, the more wildly the pendulum
swings to the other side, leading to anger, frustration and hurt.”
"Hence the ideal situation to look for when someone has hurt you badly,
caused damage to you, betrayed or cheated you, or let you down,
is to develop a state of total indifference towards him.”
"The Indian Housewife is indeed a unique species. It is also an endangered species,
since I see less and less of them in the younger generation. ”

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