Accept emotions as tools for survival - just one of the many things your learn in our Diploma in Counselling Skills Course
"Only if we change our mindset to look beyond the disability and welcome everyone who is different
into our social and work environment, can we progress to our full potential."
"Putting the person at ease, and expressing empathy by showing care and
understanding can make the person’s mind start the healing process for the body.”
"A warm and caring hand stretched out can give him the lift
that can get him back on the path of life and fulfilled living.”
Author: Radhika Prasad
"Free your will
Don't get pulled away.
Author: Rekha Simha
"Raja had been a positive influence and touched hundreds of lives as a Counselor.
"A primary step in building better relationships is to understand others.”
"When possessiveness becomes long-term or deeply ingrained in the psyche, it definitely needs to be tackled.”
"Trust is the confidence in truth of something, a faith, belief or conviction.”
"In India most of us try to battle the problem alone,
and without understanding the techniques.”
"On the other hand, jealousy can also be a state of helplessness wherein the person is trying to win the attention or affection of a person, but is not able to do so.”
"Friendships are built on inter-personal qualities of your friend,
and they thrive on your intrinsic qualities.”
"Jealousy has made people instigate wars,
has brought down kingdoms and has destroyed civilizations.”
Author: Asha S.
"Identify and acknowledge the specific areas
and situations that cause fear in you.”

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Dynamics of CounsellingAll About Mental HealthEmotional IntelligenceYou Too Can Reach Out30 Days to a Better LifeBanjara Academy has published about thirty modestly-priced books dealing with parenting, study skills, mental health, counselling, teenagers, suicide prevention and life skills... More»


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On request, Banjara Academy conducts lectures, workshops, and training programmes on Human Behaviour, Relationships, Motivation, and Psychology for Companies, Banks, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals & NGOs. Some Recent Programmes.

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Our Gurukul is for young people whose parents are concerned and committed towards their better and holistic growth, not just academics. Our main aim is working with children who either do not wish to, or are unable to cope with rigid curriculum and pure academics. Read more...

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