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Post graduate Diploma in Psycho-therapies is a course that covers all major psychotherapeutic approaches, with primary focus on Rogerian Principles While it is broadly based on the Bangalore University syllabus for M.Sc. (Psychological Counselling) course, it is adjusted to the specific needs of our students at Banjara and elsewhere who are interested in learning and getting a deeper understanding of the process of counselling.

We believe that to be a counsellor, along with the particular skill sets, we first need to understand ourselves. The theoretical foundation will bring in a deeper insight into the bases of the counselling process and most importantly, an awareness leading to becoming a ‘person’ as a counsellor.

This is a process-based, theoretical and experiential based course and you will get the best out of the sessions if you come well prepared. We will also have video or live sessions with Guest speakers who will give in-depth coverage on the topics.

We follow the practice of providing a recommended reading list, specially compiled set of notes outlining the topics with useful and helpful links to online sources. The comments and responses to your assignments are meant to help you gain insights into your understanding of the theories/concepts covered, so you must submit in time.

Course Details

  • Six-month online course with Live classes on first three Saturdays every month (1st Sat, 2nd Sat & 3rd Sat) for 2 hours each (10:30 am to 12:30 pm)
  • Weekly notes, with assignments once a month
  • Once a month live or video sessions by Guest Speakers
  • Monthly live sessions with Dr. Ali Khwaja (Chairman and Founder, Banjara)
  • Individual and group Brainstorming for further learning towards the end of the course
  • Final Comprehensive and Viva at the end of the Course

Kindly note Candidates who have not done counseling course with Banjara will have two lessons and a video session before they begin with the regular modules.  This is to ensure basic understanding of counseling and psychotherapy, and to help those who lack the needed knowledge level.

Certificate will be awarded by Banjara Academy on full attendance, timely submission of questionnaires and assignments to the satisfaction of assessors, and proper responses in sessions.   Those not coming up to the expectations of Faculty will be given a participation certificate


Our Faculty

Dr. Lakshmi K.

M.A.(Psychology), M.A. (Health Counseling, SCU, USA), M. Phil, Ph.D

Lakshmi has studied and is trained in psychotherapy, counseling and clinical work in various universities including Santa Clara university, USA, eventually completing her Ph.D. from National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS).   She has been a longstanding counselor and faculty at Banjara Academy. She has been guest and visiting faculty and visiting counsellor at Bangalore University (PG students), NID, Bangalore campus, and at NIAS, Bangalore. She has also been trained in grief therapy and has trained in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Psychotherapy Advanced Resources Centre ( PARC), Bangalore.

Dr. Chandra Janakiraman

B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. Psychology, Ph.D. in Psychology

Chandra has had a teaching experience at various educational levels – ranging from pre-school to post-graduation and university level psychology, and in in-service teacher education. She has had an exposure to different education systems – both in India and abroad, and has done coursework development. She has worked as a remedial teacher where she identified and diagnosed specific problems in learning at the individual level, teaching, counseling, family counseling, etc. Chandra has participated actively and regularly in the community volunteer program for assisting classroom teachers in a pre-school and a primary school in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. (2001 to 2005). Also, she has participated in the UGC Refresher Course for Faculty of Psychology, is qualified for NET in Psychology, and has been awarded UGC-JRF and SRF Scholarships from 1993 to 1998 for Doctoral Research.

Dr Ali Khwaja (Founder-Banjara Academy)


A Montessorian, an engineering graduate of IIT Bombay, MIE, MIIM, with a Ph.D in behavioral sciences, he has always carved out his own path and been a free-lancer, ensuring that work is joy every day. He is invited regularly to conduct workshops or lectures for Defence, Central Government, prestigious National institutions, schools and colleges, but he prefers to be informal, learning while he teaches, and being honest and congruent in whatever he says or does.  He nurtures and motivates over 300 volunteers to give free service in 10 hospitals and the Academy’s own counselling centres.  Ali has written over 30 books and 80 booklets on all practical aspects of day-to-day life, and writes regular columns and articles in many reputed publications, and edits a unique newsletter.  He loves all human beings alike, is willing to listen, and his prime focus is on empowering individuals to help themselves.