FREE Psychological Counselling

Free Counselling (in person)

Banjara Academy offers free counselling face-to-face for child, adolescent, family and inter-personal emotional problems. Trained lay counsellors of Helping Hand, as well as specialists such as psychologists, pediatricians, special educators, etc. are available at RT Nagar, Basavanagudi, BSK 2nd stage, and Indiranagar centres in Bengaluru. To fix up an appointment to meet one of our trained counsellors, please call our office on 8861792260 or 080-23535766, 23535787, 23330200, 930 am to 530 pm, Monday to Saturday.For those not in Bengaluru, we offer free online psychological counselling by email. Total confidentiality is assured.

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Counselling in person for free
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