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Admissions Open for Certificate in Life Skills Training, a six-month classroom program stating 7th March 2021, On all Sundays- Avail Early Bird Offer!

The Certification in Life Skills Training (CLST) course is an interactive practical programme to empower you with the skills to confidently and efficiently train young people and to build and sharpen their life skills.

Life skills have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most important learning and asset to lead a fulfilling life. Based on the important principles expounded by WHO, most countries have incorporated them in the curriculum of schools and colleges. In India also, the CBSE has already made it compulsory, and most other Boards are following that up. Similarly, most engineering and other colleges are incorporating such skills as part of the education to ensure that students are made industry-ready, and prestigious corporate organizations are looking for soft-skills trained candidates. Bangalore University, vide circular No ACA-II/Int.Mru.Skill/2015-16 has made it compulsory for arts, science and commerce students to study Life Skills in the 4th Semester. Banjara Academy is associated with a number of colleges in conducting this mandatory life skills certification for students to study.

To train you as a Trainer who can impart Life Skills training, Banjara Academy, with its over 30 years of experience in the field of human behaviour, is conducting this practical and interactive program (modified to suit Indian conditions), two hours twice a week, to sharpen your skills.Get enrolled in life skills certification course in Bangalore today.


Our CLST 21 Students after completion of the course in October 2020


The sessions will primarily consist of practical presentations by you individually and in small groups, assessment and evaluation by peers and experts, constant feedback on additions and improvements.

Managed by professionals, the course is meant for people of all backgrounds, and is conducted with the explicit aim of  empowering you to understand , master, and practice Life Skills and teach them to children, adolescents, students and adults. 
You may also consider using this skill for a business venture. The course has been designed through scientific methods from many decades of experience of Dr Ali Khwaja  and Team Banjara.

Course Content

Every class will focus on presentation skills based on the 10 essential Life Skills propounded by the World Health Organization (WHO) which are:

1)Problem Solving
2)Decision Making
3)Creative Thinking
4)Critical Thinking
5)Communication  Skills
6)Interpersonal Relation
8)Self Awareness
9)Managing Emotions
10)Management  of Stress

Many useful topics have been added based on actual interactions with the youngsters to make the curriculum wider, particularly in context of the needs of our culture.


The Team will be provided with a Mentor who will be a friend, philosopher and guide to help students  clear their  doubts, discuss personal issues, overcome hurdles and ensure smooth progress. Other Faculty members will also be available for guidance.

This program does not have a syllabus, text books, theory exams, etc.  As long as you are a caring adult and want to work for the cause of spreading the message of Life Skills, then please get in touch with us immediately, we would like to discuss how well you can fit in to this course, and about the admissions process.

We are members with voting rights of
World Federation of Mental Health

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