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Registration Commences October 2020


A unique program – combination of weekly classroom sessions and practical work with children and teenagers of your choice at your convenience. Other than the scheduled sessions, which will cover the topics given below, you will need to have a weekly group session with your Mentor to understand, get guidance and improve your understanding of children. Life skills have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) of United Nations as the most important learning and asset to lead a fulfilling life. These are incorporated in our CCAD program.

With more than 30 years of experience in counselling, training, empowering trainers, assessing and guiding children with all types of special needs and imparting life skills, Team Banjara offers this practical hands-on part-time program that will empower you to systematically and scientifically guide every child you are interested in to grow up as a better citizen.

Lectures, case studies, project work, and extensive interaction on behaviour patterns of children with your Mentor.

Managed by professionals, the course is meant for people of all backgrounds who are interested in the welfare of the new generation, and is conducted with the explicit aim of empowering you in the practical realm. You may also consider using this skill for professionally dealing with children or adolescents. The course has been designed through scientific methods from many years of experience of Ali, Sonal, Purnima, and all others at Team Banjara.

While the program is meant for persons with an academic background up to graduation level, those with lesser qualification are also considered on interview, if they are caring and sensitive human beings and have a genuine interest in children.

This course is meant for mature individuals who want to understand the aspirations of the younger generation, and balance the needs of parents and children. Hence you are expected to put in consistent attendance, and complete the requisite hours of practical work, as well as the assignments, for which your Mentor will interact with you on weekly basis. Evaluation is a continuous process, based on attendance, viva, assignments, and your performance evaluated by the group and by experts.  There are no theory exams and students are evaluated continuously for their ability to genuinely develop their own techniques, games, exercises and effective methods.

An experiential student-centric approach is adopted throughout the course. You are expected to participate actively, be responsible for your own learning, and commit yourself to the effort required to complete the course.