The Essence of  Psychological Counselling: To Reach Out to People;
Improve Their Relationships, Empower them to Face Challenges

Banjara-Seva Video Talks Series on Basic Counselling Skills

How can I be a good counsellor, also, a happier, better, more understanding person?

Dr Ali Khwaja shares with you his over 20 years experience of reaching out to people as a psychological counsellor


We are delighted to present a series of video talks by Dr Ali Khwaja on empathy, listening, fulfillment in being a counsellor and the essence of psychological counselling, for improving yourself or reaching out as counsellors. Seva, a voluntary organization offering free counselling services in Hyderabad, had invited Ali there to give these talks in September 2011.
In this video 'The Essence of Psychological Counselling', Dr Ali Khwaja explains lucidly what psychological counselling is all about. As a counsellor, you encourage and motivate a person to share her feelings, take her own decisions and move on in her own life, letting her go and not come back to you.
Ali shares an experience (much before he became a psychological counsellor) where a friend of his thanked him profusely, after he had spent a few hours the previous day just listening to her pour her heart out. He left thinking that he had let her down by not giving her any advice. "But what did I do to deserve her thanks?" Ali asked a psychiatrist friend of his, years later. She told him: You listened to her, You did not interrupt her, You did not pass judgment, You did not give her any unnecessary advice, You did not counter with your own experience. That's why she felt so nice and thanked you.That's what makes a counsellor!


How can I reach out?
How can I be an understanding spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling?
How can I be a good counsellor?

Ali Khwaja shares his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks

Dr Ali Khwaja shares insights into human behaviour, relationships and his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks, delivered at the invitation of Seva, Hyderabad and at various camps/workshops of Banjara Academy, Bangalore.

Dr Ali's Video Talks

Banjara Academy-Seva Presentation
Banjara Academy Presentation
To increase accessibility, the video talks have been captioned in English by volunteers of Banjara Academy.

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