TAKE-IT-EASY PARENTING: Simple Practices For Wonderful Parenting


That seems like heresy in a world where there's no dearth of ADVICE and GUILT about parenting! :-)
But what Ali says in this video is that we could be better parents if we take that role less seriously.
Are children our Karma? “Yes, they are and they can make our lives wonderful,” says Ali. More as a parent of two children than as anyone else, Dr Ali shares funny anecdotes and other examples, all in a lighter vein, but drives home three points that if practised could help parents make the lives of their children wonderful.
1. Communication - L.I.S.T.E.N to our child.
2. Consistency in discipline - Be consistent in setting down rules, justifying, implementing and sticking to them.
3. Being a ROLE MODEL - Be the kind of person we want our children to be rather than just delivering homilies as children rarely listen to us, but are very good at mimicking us, our behaviour.

We thank Vasantha Sanath, an alumna of the Diploma in Counselling Skills Course (DCS), for the above synopsis of Ali's talk.

(This is a recording of Dr Ali Khwaja's address as Chief Guest on the occasion of Sanskriti-2012-13, the Annual Day of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore. We thank the school for providing us with the DVD of the event.)


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How can I be an understanding spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling?
How can I be a good counsellor?

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