Online Diploma Course in Counselling: the International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS)

Fee and Payment Details


Batches of our comprehensive online course in counselling psychology are announced from time to time. Admissions to these batches are subject to an interview with one of the assessors of our Candidates Selection Board. If you are successful in the interview, an admission letter will be sent to you for the batch you've been selected for.  The admission letter will give you the formalities to be completed before you get the username and password to access the course online. The letter will also give you the details for the payment of the course fee. The International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course fee is Rs 35,400/-, including 18% GST. After paying the fee, you will have to complete the other given admission formalities online.


  • If you are residing in India or abroad, with an account in any bank branch in India,
    1. Online transfer from your bank account, online or through your bank branch, by NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).
    2. Online transfer from your bank account by IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).
    3. Local cheque / cash deposit in any branch of STATE BANK OF INDIA in your city, in India.
  • If you are residing outside India, and do not have an account in a bank branch in India,
    1. Western Union Money Transfer or any other Money Transfer facility.
    2. Wire Transfer.

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