The Fork and Spoon

Author: Clifford Martis

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Most of us eat our food with our hands. But many others use the fork and the spoon. Many animals also eat their food with their hands. For example, the monkeys, squirrel and so on. But a majority of the animals eat directly with their mouths without using fork and spoon or other implements. In spite of being blessed with hands many people use various kinds of instruments like the fork and spoon, chopsticks etc

On one occasion an Indian family invited a British gentleman for lunch. As the food was ready the host said, “Would you like to wash your hands please” “Why should I wash my hands? I think it is only dirty people who need to wash their hands” said the guest. It is then that the host realized that he should provide fork and spoon to the guest.

The way the fork and spoon are held and kept near the plate before the meals and after the meals are interesting. When a person has eaten something and wishes to eat more he keeps the fork and spoon looking downwards. When he has nished his meal or does not wish to eat more then he keeps the fork and spoon looking upwards. This is a bit funny because fork and spoon kept looking upwards may indicate a desire to eat more.

Sometimes a third item joins the fork and the spoon. That is the knife. The knife is required to cut pieces of meat and other food items. One uses the fork to hold the piece of meat in position and cuts it with the help of the knife. On one occasion I tried to cut the piece of meat. It was a tough piece. As I struggled the piece of meat ew into the plate of a lady guest seated opposite.

The Fork and Spoon

Sometimes people are served special dishes known as masala dosa etc and the restaurant provides fork and spoon along with the dish. But to eat a dish like masala dosa with the help of fork and spoon would be a herculean task. So many people keep the fork and spoon aside and relish the dish with the help of their naked hands.

There is a story of a missionary who was caught by a cannibal in a deep forest. As the cannibal prepared to eat the missionary he asked whether he had any last wish. He asked the question in Queen's English. When the missionary was surprised the cannibal said, “I studied at Oxford” “And you are still a cannibal?” The cannibal replied “Yes. But now I use a fork and spoon”.

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