Pooja Tawanappanavar

BBM; HR Professional, Bangalore, India

Pooja Tawanappanavar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
Pooja Tawanappanavar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
IGDCS Regn No: 101136,
Nov 2010-Jun 2012

When I initially started attempting the modules, I was thrilled as I was able to understand myself more.

I was trying to decipher my thinking process and rationalise my thinking and feeling process. The one week session at Banjara Academy, opened up a great deal of aspects within counselling. Due to my personal reasons, I was unable to keep the momentum, however I am truly thankful to Sreedhar and Malini for helping me through the course. Online learning is definitely helpful as it gives you your space and time to comprehend situations, understand them thoroughly and then attempt the assignments. This has also helped me know the various institutions that exist, re-connect with my earlier companions, value my family and friends in the process. Accepting somebody unconditionally was the key in the entire learning process. Malini, has always given perspectives on each module which has made me more confident in attempting to situations on my own. Would suggest to make the one week session mandatory as part of this course. Else, I find the course to be a perfect forum to experience self learning. Way to go!

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