Whither Education?

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Whither Education?

We talk so much about improvement of our education system, but nothing much seems to be happening. The reason becomes clear if you read these extracts from an article written by an eminent professor in a reputed University journal, and form your own opinion:

Quote: “Education is a process in which students acquire knowledge. How one perceives the knowledge and what is the process of coming to know are the pertinent questions here. The traditional method in which the learners receive the information passively is becoming outdated. Present practices are based on the beliefs that learners actively construct knowledge in their attempts to make sense of the world. Therefore learning should be emphasizing the development of meaning and understanding. Students should be able to acquire experiences and learn by themselves in various situations that they encounter over the course of their worldly lives.

Obviously, the traditional method fails to bring about desired outcomes Therefore there is a new trend i.e. constructive approach to bring out the desired outcomes in teaching learning process.”

The article further goes on….

“Constructivist teacher education generally reects 2 major traditions, the developmental and social reconstructions is traditions. Programs inuenced by the developmental tradition attempt to teach students how to teach in a constructive manner.” Unquote. Someone please explain what the enlightened soul is trying to tell us.

Some of our wisest and most eminent statesmen had predicted what may happen:

C Rajagopalachari, who later became the rst Indian Governor General of India, told in the 1930's about what will happen if India becomes a democracy: “Election replete with corruption, injustice and the tyranny of p o w e r , w e a lth and ine f  c i enc y o f administration will make a hell of life as soon as the freedom is given. Men will regretfully look back to the old regime of comparative justice, e f  c i e n c y , a n d h o n e s t administration. The only thing to be gained will be that we will be saved from the subordination and subjugation of foreign rule.” Unfortunately this has ltered into our education system. But ….. let us not give up hope. The more I interact with young people, the more optimistic I become that they will create a much better country and community than we have done.

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