I do not know

Author: Serene George

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I hate the way I do not know myself. Am I right or wrong? What’s gone wrong? At 18, there was a lot more conviction. Here I am at 28 with an overdose of confusion.

Wish I didn’t know so well then, would’ve explored a bit more;
It doesn’t really matter, because I still don’t know.
I miss that girl who loved the stage, she was never in doubt.
Ambiguity has become her way of life – how as she come to this?


I like blacks and whites, grey was never my favorite;
Only if an eraser could make it all clear and lucid.
But neither do I trust my artistic skills enough - To let me paint by myself , all over again.


Regrets, wanting to go back in time is not my thing.
Not to my credit – why would it be when you are still unsure?
Quest mark was a punctuation made for me, a big one indeed.
Who will answer them all is sadly just another question!


Google and god, no one seems to have a one to discern, but I hate that I do not yet know.
I like to end on a ray of hope, a solution in the making.
But all I feel is irresolute, what can I do when I just don’t know?


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