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About Matters of the Mind & Heart: A Banjara Family Tradition for over 30 years now

(beautifully expressed below in a dialect of Hindi by poet Vrind in the 1700s)

सरसुति के भंडार की बडी अपूरब बात।
(Saraswathi Ke Bhandar Kee Badee Apoorab Baat)
The treasure of knowledge has an uncommon, remarkable characteristic;
ज्यौं खरचै त्यौं-त्यौं बढै बिन खरचे घटि जात।
(Jyon Kharchai Tyon Tyon Badai, Bin Kharchai Ghati Jaat)
The more knowledge is shared, the more it increases; if hoarded (not shared), it just decreases!

Spreading light by the free sharing of wealth of knowledge

Feel free to download, enjoy and share the wealth of knowledge shared here through audios, videos and presentations on various aspects of the human mind and heart - who we are, what we are, who we can be, what we can be! If you are interested in or working in the fields of psychology, counselling, relationships, behaviour, you are free to share and benefit from the experience of over 20 years of the team of Banjara Academy, led by Dr Ali Khwaja.

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