Every Closure Marks A New Beginning

Author: Asma Ansari

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“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one, which has opened for us.” – Helen Keller.

It’s a harsh truth that letting go is almost always painful and one of the toughest life lessons. Life is a constant battle where we fight, sometimes to hold on and sometimes to let go. We all have known sorrow and happiness, failure and success, disappointment and hope. We’ve seen closures and then new beginnings too. Good or bad, everything passes and eventually comes to an end. And it’s essential to note that when a stage comes to an end we need to identify and accept it gracefully and then move on. The more we try to linger, the harder it gets to close the door to the past. Not just it wastes precious energy and time; it does not let us appreciate the welcoming streak of light coming through those newly opened doors inviting us to step in.

Let Go of Whatever Holds You Back

Letting go of past is not just crucial at times, it is necessary. Leaving behind what’s already over in the past is essential and healthy. Search within yourself; are you holding on to anything which you need to let go? Anger, grief, regret, let down, rejection, frustration, guilt, disappointments, lost love or friendship? The longer you hold on to these thoughts and feed them with your attention, the longer they will stay with you. And it is just you who will be hurt. Anything or anyone that causes you terrible pain, makes you feel miserable, or diffuses toxicity in your life, needs to go. And you do not have to feel guilty about it. Let go of whatever weighs you down or holds you back. You, only you, hold the power to close the door to the past and move on.

Know When It’s Time to Close the Doors

Most of us are so attached to our past that we refuse to look beyond the pain, struggle and comfort associated with it. We replay the memories from past over and again in our mind and mull over it. Setbacks, whether professional or personal, are a part of life. Not every plan works, not every venture succeeds, and not every relationship survives. Moreover, brooding over bygones is pretty much wasted energy. When things are damaged beyond repair, and there is no fixing back, it is wise to close that chapter and never look back. And it is a life altering decision when we decide to move on. Closing a door never implies that you are inadequate, incapable, arrogant or disinterested. It means that this thing just doesn’t fit in your life anymore.

Never Open the Closed Doors

You might hear frequent knocking on the door, but temptation should never be an option. It is unhealthy and stops you from truly moving on. Revisiting those doors and dwelling in past keeps you chained and sabotages your capability. Remember that once your life was fulfilling without that thing or person or situation. Moreover, by letting go of past, you are creating space for wonderful new things to happen in life.

As hard as it may seem, but believe me, once you are determined to move on, closures are peaceful, absolving and detoxifying. Every closure marks a new beginning. So bit goodbye to the closed doors, turn around, take a deep breath, and then open your eyes to the vast opportunities lying beyond those new doors lined up along the hallway of life.

By the way, have you chosen the next door yet? Go on and enter into the world beyond that new door to see what it has in store for you. Cheers to a new beginning.

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