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Meeting of Online Counsellors

Program held at Banjara Academy, R T Nagar, Bengaluru, 22 June 2017

Meeting of Online Counsellors  at Banjara Academy, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, 22 June 2017

Free online counselling is an active wing of Banjara Academy which reaches out to people all across the globe. The counsellors deal with with family, relationship, child or career issues. They reach out to touch lives and empower people in difficult times giving them the much needed emotional support as well as guidance to carve a positive path in their life journey. All this would have been impossible to achieve without a dedicated force of volunteers working tirelessly to cater to all the mails that reach us in massive numbers on a daily basis. Our experienced counsellors give not just time but also pt in the effort, passionately work towards building rapport and hand holding each and every counselee in their tough phase of life. On Thursday, 22nd of June 2017 Banjara Academy called for the counsellosr meeting. Headed by Dr. Ali Khwaja, the counsellors were given a deep insight into difficult subjects along with quick training to brush a few skill. The training session was followed by a small felicitation ceremony a way to express our gratitude to all the counsellors working selflessly in this mission to bring peace in the world around us this wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of the lovely people!

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ADMISSIONS OPEN for unique Classroom Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS-19) Course - Qualify to be a Certified Professional Counsellor - enhance self-awareness, reach out to people needing emotional support.

CLASSES Start - Last Week-Jun 18: APPLY in the form below for discussion to secure admission to our Classroom Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS-19) course in Bengaluru.

You can also call up Director-Programmes, Purnima, 9341972540. Or, call our office on 080-23535766 / 23535787 / 8861792260.

FREE Online Psychological Counselling by Banjara Academy for anyone, anywhere in the world FREE online counselling for the depressed

  • Are you stressed about your child?
  • Is your marriage in trouble?
  • Are you stressed about your education?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and fear?

Just mail your counsellor now, sharing your problems, your worries, your anxieties, your fears. Your counsellor will reply to you, and be there for you until you need her to help you cope and get going.

Leading Banjara Academy's online email counselling team of volunteer-counsellors, I realize it is not an easy task reaching out to a person one has never met, never seen, without the added advantage of gestures, eye contact, a gentle reassuring touch, tone of voice and yet providing empathy, positive strokes, making the person feel heard and understood.

With the aid of only written words, it is quite a task building trust, making people open up and share and helping them cope and feel better. So when in many instances they write back saying thank you and that they feel so much better, the feeling one gets is priceless and incomparable - knowing one has done something right, something good!

Hats off to all the volunteeer-counsellors of Banjara Academy who have been carrying on this work silently, anonymously for the last couple of years. Truly commendable! - Ali Khwaja

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