Ranjini Rao

B.Com; Self Employed as Independent Consultant with Spark Career Mentors and Independent Reiki Teacher and Wellness Therapist; Bengaluru, India

Ranjini Rao, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Ranjini Rao, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-17IG-101438,
Aug 2016-June 2017

When I initially took up the course I was thoroughly tensed and anxious about how this course will span into?

One year seems a very long time to take a subject that is so familiar to me.Somewhere within me , I was too overconfident as well , to complete this within 6 months I recollect the conversation with the course director mentioning that "I think i can finish in 6-8 months and get a certification"! Learnings: Little did I know that counselling is vast subject and topic and during the course,inspite of working closely with so many professionals.l became more aware of the finer details within myself.I am still not sure I am 100% aware of all aspects within myself - good,bad , ugly. But what I do know is that life is all about applying our knowledge, testing it , ready to face the failures or consequences of the testing and taking in one's stride.It is not about sitting and thinking that i can make a difference but simply doing.Not judging oneself but accepting one's limitations. Positives : The course curriculum and delivery method- I think the team at Banjara have done a phenomenal job of crafting the course content in such a way that one does not feel lonely during the journey There is always action! Mentoring system: The mentor connect was really useful.I keep getting the feedback from my mentor that I really took good advantage of the help provided to me at every stage.I would chat with her and have frequent conversations with her. Sharing my feelings , sharing my frustrations, doubts. The assignments were brain picking and stimulating to the mind.I really would like to thank her for her support and being there for me considering that she had so many mentees to handle and support . Assignments : While writing the answers or my way of dealing with the situations provided in the assignments, I must admit I was lucky to have encountered similar life situations (either before or during the journey of this course) and i call it 'serendipity of the almighty' that helped me accomplish these tasks honestly , sincerely and genuinely . I could thereby relate to some of these situations /scenarios in real life with clients or friends.Else it would have been theoretical and I wouldn't have learnt anything.God helps those who want to help themselves. Course structure:Helped me put my thoughts together,get clarity and unleash the hidden potential within me.I was made aware of so many positives and the negatives. I now understand that one needs to be aware of both -dark and light sides to integrate them and to feel complete. Though it is an ideal situation,It is never about weeding away those negative qualities because then we would be perfect. It is about a journey of finding perfection through the peeling of layers of the onion ---the layers of imperfection. Areas of improvement:Some of the areas where I felt this course could do better is to give examples to students on how some of the experienced counsellors would have handled the same situation. Of course, we had the mentors giving their feedback which is also great.I understand that everyone is different and everyone will have their own style of handling people

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