Fozia Wadhwa

B.Sc,GNIIT,PGDCA,NTT; Own's a school; Bengaluru, India

Fozia Wadhwa, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Fozia Wadhwa, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-17IG-101425,
May 2016-May 2017

The IGDCS course was a great learning.The one year of learning has not only made me understand myself better but has also opened new perspectives of looking at relationships.

It has taught me the great skill of listening ,during my current interactions i realise suddenly that i am listening patiently and i allow the other person to speak which is unlike before .Though i used to listen but i found great interest in speaking but now i allow others to speak and patiently listen.

The techniques like Catharsis,para phrasing,Transference were quite new to me .Though i had heard a lot about empathy,empowering being non-judgemental.This course actually made me understand why they all are so important.

I could not attend the regular course and opted for the online course due to time constraint and understanding that Saturday and Sunday are the two days i want to spend with my family as other days are so busy.Online course taught me a lot but i feel practically attending classroom sessions would have been much more effective.

My Mentor Nila Madhava has been very prompt in giving feedback for the assignments.She has beautifully made me understand the missing components in my assignments.She never made me feel my work is deficient in any way she added on to my knowledge in a very beautiful manner and I love her for that.My heart felt gratitude to Ms.Nila Madhavan for guiding me and helping me with this part of my journey.I would like to thank Mr.Sridhar for being very prompt in answering my queries and being patient with me for my at times late assignment submissions .Mr.Sridhar thank you once again for being so patient with me. And Thank you to Dr.Ali Khwaja for such a beautiful course content and video interactions.

Course content is great i learnt a lot and a selfish wish hope there was much more.

I Wish Banjara Academy All the Best .......Thank You For being a Part of my journey and teaching me so many more aspects of human relationships.

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