Volga Kennedy

MS (Counselling and Psychotherapy); Homemaker; Bengaluru, India

Volga Kennedy, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Volga Kennedy, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-17IG-101372,
Nov 2015-Nov 2016

Found the course to be interesting. I definitely feel more confident than the day I started the course.

Though I had to face so many personal hurdles, with all the support, encouragement and care provided by the entire team at Banjaara Academy, I could complete all the modules successfully. All the modules are written in simple language and easily comprehensible. After doing the course, online, now I feel I should attend some practical sessions to have some hands on experience. I am not able to come to the academy because of the distance.

I wish something like this would have happened in different parts of Bangalore periodically and could have benefitted many people. The modules on skills of counselling, sharpening, goal Setting, Body language etc., &the case studies were especially good &useful. I liked how you took us on a journey of introspection.....most imp to become a counsellor. Writing, which i initially found challenging was actually liberating and gave me a lot of perspective The content and the intent of the organization touches me and I wish to remain associated with it lifelong. I have humble suggestion that each IGDCS batch should have a contact. Please make a WhatsApp group or Facebook group. Keeping in touch among themselves will be a motivation to do the course. Also I have a suggestion that please introduce some of the screening tests for common issues and how to assess them in general. My mentor, Ms.Sowmya has played a beautiful role. Involved yet not pushy. Encouraging words and yet assertive whenever required. A balanced unbiased approach, open and approachable at all times. I am thankful for the support I received from her. I am also thankful to Vasantha/admin for addressing all my queries so very patiently. And last but not the least, thankful to Sreedhar. I have always sensed an optimism in his voice and found him solution centric and trustworthy. This entire exercise has brought about changes in my conscious levels particularly in areas of being non-judgemental. Thank you Banjara Team will like to continue having your support throughout my journey in field of counselling.

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