Shilpa B.K.

Shilpa B.K., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy
Shilpa B.K., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Regn No-16T339,
Jun 2015-May 2016

The course was good and I was able to get good mentoring and guidance from the faculty.

I was able to meet people from different ages and varied backgrounds. This helped me to have interaction with people of different field. It was really a great experience at Banjara. I really enjoyed the course, learning different concepts of counselling and at the same time meeting different people from different backgrounds and different cultures. I would even like to thank Banjara for all the care took, regarding the detailed notes and the information you provided us, all the accessories whenever required. All the staff are extremely helpful and approachable and have always been willing to discuss any concerns in a kind, caring manner. According to me Banjara is the best place where you learn and also, at the same time get an opportunity to experience a different form of life. A life full of Knowledge, less of restrictions, more of energy and enthusiasm and an urge to learn more and more. I am able to deal with my teenage daughter with patience. A big change in my behaviour: I can say “no” to people around me. I used to have a fear to say ‘no’ to people at home. I have developed myself to be more assertive. I find myself speaking to people with more confidence than before. I find myself with increase in self esteem. Now I started to open up and speak without fear and even with confidence. A very big Thanks to Banjara, my mentor and my dearest friends at Banjara for bringing out the changes in me.

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