Prerna Chawla

Prerna Chawla, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy
Prerna Chawla, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Regn No-14T409,
Jun 2013-Apr 2014

My journey of DCS course in Banjara has been amazing and was an experience which can be shared but at the same time cannot be expressed enough in words.

Really it has shown a world of emotions which is so vast and has so many colours and shades ....its like an ocean of emotions. This course has helped me to see the world with different meaning as if before coming here my eyesight was very weak and after visiting the doctor Banjara I was prescribed to wear glasses to see and read and understand my own emotions. And within the span of 8 months I could see crystal clear may be much better than as I ever did in my life . And it did not stop there it went further and deeper ... it helped me to see everything with a new meaning and a new understanding. With the help of this course I have not only understood my self better but even the people around me, now whenever I meet anyone I feel that I can feel the person deeper and the conversation has become more meaningful. Now there is a constant effort to improve and understand my own self and which has helped me to understand the emotions of the other people even if their behaviour is different then my understanding. Now my mind does not reject any situation or any person , there is always one positive thought hanging in my mind to listen and understand the same difficult situation with a different perspective than my original or normal thinking . Now I feel the doors of my heart and brain have opened with the force of Acceptance and enabel me to welcome all sorts of people and problems in my heart. Really it has given me a new meaning to my life, as if I had gone for a soul spa and now I am all fresh and ready to help others and ready to reach out to people by" just being there " in true sense. Banjara also made me realise that one thing which makes our lives so difficult and miserable is being judgmental and the other thing is our assumptions , now my thinking has become more logical and there is lot of clarity in my thoughts and emotions which has improved my relations with my family , friends and others. Now I do not get haseled with small things , I don't get disappointed so much , If I get upset or sad it does not stay for long time now I am able to come out of it faster which is a great achievement for me.

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