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Dealing with Jealousy

Is Jealousy same as envy? Is it related to possessiveness? Why do I feel Jealous? What to do about it? How to face someone Else's jealousy? Some of the questions answered in this booklet on an important but neglected emotion.


Understanding and practicing forgiveness

Is forgiveness being generous? Should we always forgive no mater how deep the hurt? Is it about the other person or about me? What when I can't forgive? What thoughts and feelings lie behind the act of forgiveness? Should I make up with the other person to forgive them? More such questions answered in this booklet.


Bridging the Generation Gap

With the changing face of society and the fast moving world of technology life is no longer as it was. Relationships have taken a different meaning. Some can keep pace with the new mode of communicating through gadgets and some can't. How do we bridge this Generation gap to reduce the loneliness?


Twenty First Century Housewife

What is different about the twentieth century Housewife? What makes her life enjoyable and challenging at the same time? How should she cope with the varied demands of the family members, society and her own self?


Flexibility - the mantra for success

Should we stick to what we think is correct or should we be flexible? Are people who are flexible happier than those who are not? What does flexibility mean? Wheres should it be applied?


Emotional Honesty

What does Emotional Honesty mean? Display what we feel? Being hones to ourselves? Is there advantage in being emotionally honest? How to practice being emotionally honest?


Discover the child in you

As we grow older do we stop having fun? Do we forget the small things that gave us pleasure and can still give us pleasure? Do we allow our inhibitions to dominate and feel safe to play our age? What happens when you allow the child in you to come out?


Understanding and Overcoming Depression

Depression is one of the debilitating condition to strike human beings. What causes it? Can it be prevented? Does it affect everyone? Is sadness the same as depression? Can it be cured? Is there non medical ways of curing it? More in-depth questions answered here.


Understanding and Changing Attitude Practical tips

What does having an attitude mean? Can we really change our attitude towards others and ideas? How to do it?


How You Can Build Confidence in Self, Others, Children

Is confidence the same as self esteem? Can confidence be developed? Can we help our children become confident? What are the practical steps we can take to build confidence?


How You Can Nurture, Rebuild Your Relationships

To empower you to have better relationships - strengthen, improve, nurture, rebuild your relationships, we are happy to present to you this booklet 'How to nurture, rebuild relationships' .


A handbook of basic counselling skills, You too can reach out

To introduce you to counselling - to reach out as a counsellor to people requiring emotional support, we are happy to present to you this booklet.


How You Can Become Assertive

We share with you techniques, exercises and experiential analysis on how you can become assertive in a simple, down-to-earth style.

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